Why Does My Battery Terminal Maintain Corroding?

A battery is essential for the right functioning of your automobile. It powers the ignition, radio, headlights, AC, and so forth. Nevertheless, it’s operate may very well be impaired as soon as the terminals begin corroding. Whilst you can clear a corroded battery, this text will talk about the causes and what you are able to do to stop it.

What Is Corrosion?

Corrosion is a course of the place a refined metallic is transformed to its extra secure oxide, hydroxide or sulfide. In batteries, it’s normally made up of lead sulfate and anhydrous copper sulfate (when the battery connectors are concerned) and seems as a inexperienced, white, or blueish materials discovered on the terminals.

This substance is a poor conductor of electrical energy and it will increase the resistance within the circuit in consequence. The upper resistance causes intermittent circulation of electrical energy, resulting in your automobile not beginning.

Why Does It occur?

There are many causes for this battery terminal corrision. Listed below are the most important ones:


This can be a main reason for corrosion on the unfavourable battery terminal. It normally occurs when a automobile isn’t sufficiently pushed, stopping it from taking in sufficient cost.


A extra widespread reason for corrosion on the optimistic terminals, overcharging ends in gasoline formation (particularly hydrogen), which escapes through the vents of the battery. When the gasoline is available in contact with the optimistic terminals, it reacts with the metallic, inflicting corrosion.

Unhealthy Alternator

A defective alternator might both overcharge or undercharge your battery resulting in both of the above conditions.

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Overfilling the Battery

For batteries that require common upkeep topping with distilled water, overfilling may cause extra water to flee by means of the vents. Corrosion might end result when this water touches the battery terminals.

How one can Stop Battery Terminal Corrosion

Whilst you can clear a corroded battery, it’s higher to take preventive actions to minimize the chance of it occurring within the first place. For instance, you’ll be able to spray particular coatings like battery terminal protectors to assist forestall corrosion. It’s also possible to apply battery grease and even vaseline to the terminals earlier than connecting the leads. Any of those will maintain acid, hydrogen, or oxygen gasoline launched from the battery from coming into direct contact with the terminals.